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pave diamond ring Pave (pronounced pa-vay) jewelry settings feature small, round, brilliant diamonds or gemstones that are set in closely-spaced rows. The stones are often the same diameter. The overall effect of a pave setting appears as a continuous "pavement" of stones with their beads and anchors mostly disappearing into the background. The light reflecting from these stones creates a glamorous piece of jewelry with a lot of sparkle, for an affordable price.

Pave jewelry design can take many forms. The stones may be lined up in single rows, such as on the circumference of a ring or around a larger gem, or they may be laid out as a "sheet" of stones to create the illusion of a more impressive stone.

Special tools are used by the jeweler to create pave jewelry. Pilot holes are drilled with an appropriately-sized twist drill bur on a grid that has been carefully scribed on the desired metal. Round burs are then used to deepen the holes and form seats so that the stones sit flush with the metal surface. The stones are set in the seats and separated and secured with beaded grains of the setting metal. Finally, the jewelry is polished and cleaned to bring out the bling.

When buying pave jewelry, inspect the stones carefully to make sure that they are aligned properly and that they are not chipped or broken. The setting surface should be smooth, with no loose stones or protruding beads.

Micro-Pave Settings

Micro-pave settings feature a carpet of miniature diamonds or gemstones that virtually coat the surface of the jewelry piece, making it appear to be a continuous sheet of glitter. The metal of the piece is barely visible.

The very small stones used in micro-pave settings are usually set using stereo binocular microscopes. The stones are set very close, almost touching each other; multiple rows of stones are offset in a honeycomb pattern so that they fit tightly together. Stones are held in place by small beads of metal.

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Micro Pave Jewelry

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